Another non-endorsement of Hillary from members of the queer community

Stanley Griffith, Greater Boston PFLAG President explains yet another reason that Hillary is not a friend of GLBT families.

The brief question-and-answer sessions on these issues are so frustrating though. I've found that a lot of Americans, particularly those who aren't minorities, state that they find the practice of allowing parents to opt out of school curricula acceptable, even while claiming to otherwise hold progressive views. I wish someone had actually discussed with Hillary the full implications of pulling students out of discussions, thereby teaching other students that it is valid for other families to blatantly disrespect their families, with full support of the school system. I would like to see her take on that. I wish someone would have asked Hillary if she would find it acceptable for parents to ask that their students be pulled out of class any time the subject of females comes up, or the subject of African-Americans, or people with disabilities. The one-liner about a family's right to have input into their children's education doesn't actually spell out what a discriminatory and totally inappropriate policy this would be. No family has the right to practice their religious and/or personal beliefs inside a public school in a manner that is directly hurtful to other families in the school community.

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Or the subject of infidelity among world leaders.

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