MBTA extends service to Queens and Brooklyn

You'd think it would be a straightforward enough task for the MBTA trip planner to show how long it takes to get from Forest Hills down Washington Street to Beech Street in Roslindale.

But you'd be thinking wrong, because the MBTA trip planner can't find any bus routes from Forest Hills down Washington Street, even though there are about give of them.

Why's that? Because the Forest Hills it pulled up wasn't the one in JP; it's the one in Queens. Yes, Queens. As in New York.

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Anonymous said...

The Trip Finder for the MBTA is stupid. No argument there. Bad design and even worse logic. If I know that I am starting or ending at a subway station, I use the "Find Stations & Landmarks" link since it gives me the exact wording that the search engine apparently needs to work properly, as is does for this search using "Forest Hills Station". You would think for the money that we spent on this new and improved web site, they would have made it a bit more intelligent so that it assumed, or at least queried about, "Forest Hills" actually being "Forest Hills Station". I don't even want to get into how the boobs at the MBTA signed off on this "enhancement" spending gobs of taxpayer money.

Suldog said...

You would think that they might have incorporated Massachusetts-specific maps to draw upon, rather than trusting to... Google, is it? Would it cost that much more to do so?

Suldog said...

By the way, were you headed over there for a visit to The Pleasant Cafe, home of the best pizza in Boston?