Anyone know where I can find a House of Pizza around here?

This is a little project I've been doing, in which I take photos of Houses of Pizza.

The rules are simple:

1) The name on the sign must be "[Locality] House of Pizza," in that order, with no exceptions. Any sort of name of a nearby neighborhood or landmark qualifies as a locality.

2) The photo must be taken by me. Feel free to suggest houses for me to visit, but don't bother sending me photos of HoP that I didn't personally visit and photograph.

Oh, and I suppose I'm limiting it to Massachusetts, though if I happened to spot one somewhere else, I probably wouldn't be above shooting and posting it.

So far I've been told to visit the Millis House of Pizza and the Milford House of Pizza. I also seem to have deleted my picture of Andrew Square House of Pizza, so I need to take that one again.

I should mention that I've never eaten at a HoP, and I'm not sure I plan to. Most of my informants who've clued me in to the existence of a HoP in their neighborhood have also mentioned that the place was terrible. Just adds to the intrigue, as far as I'm concerned.


Molly said...

Do you have the Tremont House of Pizza anywhere?

Justin said...

I think there is a Dedham house of pizza as well.

Anonymous said...

Harvard House of Pizza. On Mass. Ave. between Harvard and Porter.

Ron Newman said...

Cambridge House of Pizza, Mass. Ave. at Cameron Ave, where the bike path crosses Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge. It's next door to a laundromat.

jdj said...

Melrose House of Pizza on Main Street

Wakefield House of Pizza on Tuttle Street at the train station

Rhea said...

Hi! Check out Jamaica Plain House of Pizza
775 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 522-4154

Ron Newman said...

Kendall House of Pizza, Third and Charles streets, East Cambridge. I used to eat there regularly when I worked across the street. Looks like one of their signs now says just "Kendall Pizza" but the other one still says "Kendall House of Pizza".

Pam said...

I was raised on Lexington House of Pizza on Lowell Street.

Anonymous said...

Hi...I'm M and I found you on UH....

Upham's House of Pizza - Columbia Rd near Dudley in Upham's Corner...(not good)

Boston House of Pizza, accross from 1010 Mass Ave in "Newmarket"....(good, but may be closed (but the sign is still outside))

And, if you are ever on the SouthCoast, New Bedford House of Pizza is on the corner of Brock Avenue and West Rodney French - growing up there, it was THE place to get 'za......

Not Whitey Bulger said...

First rule of pizza shop photography - you must eat at least one slice from each shop you photograph.

cynical said...

I don't know how many Boston Houses of Pizza there are, but my favorite is the BHOP that is technically in Brookline, on Amory Street off of Commonwealth Ave. (around the corner from the Ski Market near BU).

I don't like their pizza, but their Greek salad with grilled chicken is deletable. :-)

Anonymous said...

Arlington House of Pizza on Mass Ave, a few blocks past Arlington Center (on the right) (outbound).

Anonymous said...

Plymouth House of Pizza is off Rte. 3 at Exit 5 (Brigantine Square plaza)

Kingston House of Pizza is at 11 Main Street on Rte. 3A - just north of the Plymouth line.

Michael Pahre said...

Two for you in Brighton:

Brighton House of Pizza, 218 Market Street

Boston House of Pizza [Brighton Branch], 169 Chestnut Hill Avenue

eeka said...

Thanks everyone!

I've already got the BHOP in Brighton on Chestnut Hill Ave.

I just went and added the ArlingtonHOP and the CambridgeHOP.

Anonymous said...

You've broken my heart! I thought I had the most original idea of photographing Massachusetts houses of pizza, which I've been doing for the last year. I'm not making this up!

So far I have

Andrea's HOP, Medford
Andrea's HOP, Watertown
Angelos's HOP, Waltham
Aram's HOP, Cambridge
Boston HOP, Brighton
Burlington HOP, Burlington
Cambridge HOP, Cambridge
D & A HOP, Newton
Dennisport HOP, Dennisport
Gregory's HOP, Belmont
Groton HOP, Groton
Harvard HOP, Cambridge
Lexington HOP, Lexington
Little Steve's HOP, Boston
Newton Corner HOP, Watertown
Nick's HOP, Medford
Norton HOP, Norton
Olympic HOP, Watertown
Steve's HOP, Arlington
Steve's HOP, Bedford
TJ Scallywoogle's HOP, Allston
University HOP, Boston
Villa HOP, Arlington
W HOP, Watertown
Wellesley Hills HOP, Wellesley

Mama Lisa said...

Did you get the marlborough hop when you were out here for the big Lars turns 4 birthday bash???

Saint Russell said...

If you ever come to Nashua, we have Nashua HOP and Kinsley HOP. They're both pretty decent, as Nashua pizza goes.

Suldog said...

Watertown House Of Pizza
50 Mount Auburn Street

Very original and funny idea, Eeka! I love it!