Possibly the most boring One Smoot post ever, unless you're as big of a dork as I am

But since you're reading this, chances are pretty good. Anyway, I seem to be nearing the homestretch in my bathroom renovation repairs.

(See, the City of Boston doesn't like renovations, because those add to the value of your house, so then they want to come out and assess them. Repairs seem to be fine though, even though they inevitably also will add to the value of your house. Mortgage lenders, on the other hand, consider periodic replacement of fixtures and so forth to be "maintenance" and don't want to hear about it unless you do major gutting. So this entry will just talk about how I was poking around at my bathroom fixtures and tile to check out some water damage that had occurred due to improper installations of things throughout the bathroom, so then I had to repair said damage, as well as the damage from my poking around. And my repairs just happened to be much more attractive than the previous state of the bathroom. I can't help it if I have good taste.)

So here's the bathroom before:

Bathroom: before

The entire thing was covered in godawful off-white tile, along with off-white fixtures. The place came with gold faucets, door hardware, towel bars, and toilet paper holder, plus a gold-trimmed oak mirrored bigass medicine cabinet thing and matching soap dishes and toothbrush holders. The medicine cabinet and all the accessories were taken down within hours of buying the place. Shortly after, I put up a normal mirror and towel bars, but didn't do much else for a few years.

My flickr set has more details about looking for water damage, finding it, how just about everything in the bathroom was installed wrong, and so forth. Here's a lovely pic:

Bathroom: during

I'll spare the details for those who aren't total DIY geeks (some are in my flickr, or feel free to e-mail me), but here's an almost-done picture, taken tonight:

Bathroom: after

IKEA Freden vanity (which is on closeout!), Höllviken sink, Apelskär faucet, Molger shelf. Still loving the fishy shower curtain I bought years ago. I'll put the mirror back up once the paint dries completely, and then probably going to get some Molger or Grundtal wall shelves. I'm going to swap out the toilet in a few weeks (nothing fancy, just one that's white rather than off white, and which I plan to install properly so it doesn't get all effed up like the current one). When I'm rich (um, yeah), I'm going to replace the tub with a deeper one with jets and redo the tile. Word.

EDITED TO ADD: This is a later "after" photo, taken since I put up the mirror and put stuff on the shelf. Click through to my flickr to see more after photos as they appear.

Bathroom: before Bathroom: after
Before and after, side by side


karen said...

Way better. Love the shower curtain. I'm procrastinating on some much needed bathroom "repairs" myself.

candelaria said...

I just read about a guy, former ex-con, in NYC, who sews and has four looks for each of his rooms, including the bathroom. I'm saying that to say - you should get another shower curtain and exchange it with the one you love. My daughter had the "sleep with the fishes" shower curtain when she had an all-orange bathroom.
I admire people who undertake these projects. The one drawback to my otherwise lovely home is a small bathroom with a tub that I can't fully immerse myself in because my legs are too short. One day when more $ are in hand - my husband and I plan to renovate. Thanks for the inspiration.

bathroom said...

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