Sign that the apocalypse is coming

They've put a second Dunkin Donuts in at North Station. Like, inside the part of the station where the first one is. Like, 50 feet away from the other one. Like, you could throw a donut and hit the new Dunkies.

I recommend this.


David said...

I have to admit that I was pretty awed yesterday, driving through Chelsea or Revere or some place like that (on the way from Boston to Salem) and seeing two Dunkies directly across from one another on Rte 1. Not only shouldn't you have to make a left turn to get to a Dunkies, but you shouldn't even have to go twenty feet to the rotary and loop around to get back to the Dunkies.

I'm sure we'll see one inside another any day now.

Ron Newman said...

That's very strange. I thought they were building the new one so that they could close the old one (and maybe expand the McDonald's into it).

Rich said...

Dunkies seems to be able to put stores anywhere they damn please. they must have some pretty good lobbyists with deep pockets. I'm waiting for one to appear on the median strip of RT 128.