Come to Jordan Hall on Saturday at noon to help decide who will be the next president

One of the families I work with is very politically active, and they've convinced me to go to the caucus tomorrow afternoon. I didn't know much about the process either, but it sounds really interesting, and it's of course for a good cause.

The caucus for Barack Obama is at Jordan Hall on Saturday April 5, and the doors are locked at 1:00pm, so be there before then.

There's more info here about the process, as well as the locations of the caucuses for those of you who aren't in the 8th congressional district. FYI, the 8th district includes Cambridge, Somerville, and most of Boston except for South Boston and parts of Dorchester, West Roxbury, Roslindale, and Hyde Park. To find out what district you're in, go here, and scroll down to District Representatives: Congressional. If yours is Michael Capuano, then come to the caucus with me, dammit.


Ron Newman said...

It was fun to see you there. By the time they need to do this next, I hope they can figure out a better balloting process, though. Either Instant Runoff (ranked) voting, or "drop the loser with the fewest votes after each ballot."

J.R. said...

I was there, too. Bureaucracy in action! I also hope they get a better ballot system going, and make the process more transparent (that chalkboard did not suffice). I stayed through several rounds to support my friend, who didn't win, but I finally decided to go. Curious about the outcome.

I found your blog by googling "fort hill," since I'm thinking of moving there. Looks great!

Ron Newman said...

In the end, everyone on the "Coalition for Change" slate was elected -- Giovanna Negretti, Gloria Fox, Mike Ross, Sean Riley, and (alternate) Dorothea Jones. But we didn't finish up until 5:12 pm.