Place to take compostable yard waste?

So, I already called the city yesterday, and yard waste pickup ended last week. They said I can only take my yard waste to the public works yards on the first Saturday of each month.

If I have to, I may just let the bags sit in my yard until next week, but I'd love to find somewhere to drop them off sooner. Does anyone know of a community composting project or anywhere similar that would take yard waste today or tomorrow?


Jodie said...

Try posting it on Freecycle- on one that's not exclusively the city, if need be.

eeka said...

Oh, thanks. I hadn't thought of that. Posting!

(The Boston list has about eight trillion members, many of them offering and requesting stuff nowhere near the city in places that also have their own lists, so it'll probably do if there's anyone looking for compost material or fill or whatever!)