Stump Trivia at Our House East on Gainsborough Street kind of sucks

A group of friends and I decided to play Stump Trivia last night at Our House East. We'd played at other locations before, and I'd been to Our House before on other nights. Stump Trivia is fun, and Our House is a decent one-step-above-a-dive bar, so we figured it should be fine. Not exactly the case; the place really doesn't seem to know how to host a trivia night.

To start, the Stump website says that trivia starts at 8:30. We got there a little before eight, planning to grab some food. The banner outside the place said that trivia was at 8:00. OK, no big deal. We asked the bartender which section we should sit in for trivia. She pointed us to the correct section, but said that trivia starts at 9:30. We told her the website said 8:30 and their sign said 8:00, so they might want to make some corrections. Bartender first denied that the sign said that, then said that the bar wasn't in charge of the Stump website. No, but the bar can either get on Stump's case about changing it, or hold it at 8:30 until they do. I'm assuming that Stump has some sort of interest in having their sponsoring bars not piss off people who come to play Stump.

So, we get seated, order some food and drinks, and wait around. It's 9:30, and there's no sign of the trivia person. The manager walks by, and we ask him. He says it starts around 10:00 or 10:30. I tell him the sign outside says 8:00. He says "no it doesn't." Um, what?

Finally, at around 10:00, the place is packed with people screaming at the Sox/Yanks game, and the trivia guy shows up and starts setting up. We get our Stump card, and the guy starts talking into a mic at about 10:15. There's music blasting from the next room, the sound is still on on the TVs, and we can't hear anything he says. We see the manager and ask if he can do anything about the music. He turns it down slightly.

The trivia game starts, with about half of the people in the room playing and the other half not. People are blocking the aisles and yelling at the TVs. Again, we tell the manager that it's impossible to play trivia when we can barely hear the trivia jockey and it's hard to take our answers up to the jockey because the aisles are full of people screaming at the TVs. The manager says "there's a Sox/Yankees game on -- what do you expect?" Uh, yes, but then don't try to hold two events in the same room. Why not reserve the front few tables for trivia and turn the front TVs off? Even that would have been much better.

Then, some Marlboro promotion people start walking around with handheld computer thingies, asking people to enter information into them in order to get free lighters. In the middle of the trivia game! One of them walked up to us and started jabbering about the promotion right while the Stump guy was asking a question. Clearly, the promo people were approved by the management. It isn't like Our House is hurting for money or business -- did they really need to allow this right in the middle of the trivia game?

It got better around 10:45, when the game was still going on, but most of the screamers-at-the-TV had left. Hmm, don't most people who come there really really wanting to watch the game stay for all of it? Once there were only trivia players in the room, the Stump game was awesome as usual. Our team was called "yermom," and we ended up winning. "Yermom comes in first place!" shouted the trivia jockey.

We won a $25 gift certificate to Our House.


testarossa said...

Hi eeka,
I'm a fellow Stump Trivia fan who Googled Stump to find out where it happens around my neighborhood, and saw your link which caught my eye. Sounds like Our House really sucks, not so much Stump. Stump is great and I've been to places where they have had to deal with yahoos on game nights....I always feel sorry for the tjs, and it sounds like Our House really blew it that time. How about retitling your post to "Our House East on Gainsborough kinda sucks"? Wouldn't that be more fair?
Thanks- Testarossa

eeka said...

Hey testarossa, thanks for your post. I thought I made it pretty clear though that I like Stump, but that Our House doesn't know how to run it. Also, I've enjoyed Our House when they're not trying to host trivia, so I don't think the place totally sucks. Though they've definitely lost points with me for messing with Stump -- no one gets away with messing with Stump!

BTW, Stump at Cityside is fun if you're looking for somewhere good. Also, someone from Stump e-mailed me and said that 21st Amendment is one of the best places, and he said that they make sure that Stump is front and center.

eeka said...

Oh, I should mention too that while I got a really nice reply from the Stump guy, I do wish that Stump took a little more ownership of their game and put down some guidelines. Like, if your bar wants to host our game, you can't have TVs and music blaring in the same room. I've played with bands and done poetry nights and things in a number of bar-type locations, and we'd never put up with playing in a room with TVs and music blaring. If they weren't giving us the respect we'd asked for, we'd just leave, even though it would mean a loss of revenue for us. It does reflect badly on Stump that they're willing to produce the event in an atmosphere that's not conducive to it.

Anonymous said...

testarossa is obviously a Stump employee sent to try and clean-up any messes Stump may have left throughout the Boston area.The host should have demanded the game be run in more conducive manner or to say "we will see you next week" when there is no Sox-Yanks game. These problems never arise at Crossroads on Sunday night, but don't go there it already crowded enough

Anonymous said...

Hi Eeka,

I'm not sure about Our House's trivia merits, but thought I'd share my opinion of the establishment in general...

This Friday, I was persuaded to try to get into Our House East at 1:15 a.m. after a night out at another bar.

While waiting in a barely-moving line in the rain for 25 minutes, I started talking to one girl who was rejected at the door because she had an out-of-state ID and no photo back-ups. I thought this was ridiculous, but stayed in line because even though I, too, have an out-of-state license, I had my Northeastern photo ID with me for back-up.

When my friend and I finally reached the entrance, the doorman asked for my license and then a back-up. I wasn't surprised because I had been warned. But then the doorman asked another worker what color he thought my eyes were. The worker said green/hazel. My license says blue. The doorman proceeded to confiscate both of my IDs and told me the only way I could get them back was if I was able to get a police officer to come verify them for me. He refused to ask me any questions from my license, look at my credit or debit cards that also have my name, or even look at my Facebook photos on my phone to prove that the IDs were really mine. My friend and I were forced to stand in the rain for an hour trying to call the Boston Police to send a cruiser to come help us. They said they wouldn't send anyone because it wasn't an emergency, but I would not be able to get into my dorm without the student ID that was confiscated.

I am 22 years old. Both of my IDs were real, mine, and valid. The treatment I received from the Our House doormen was outrageous. When a policeman happened to drive by an hour later and helped me get my IDs back, Our House had nothing to say about wrongfully accusing me. No apology. Nothing.

Please, I urge everyone to avoid this bar at all costs. Nothing but misery awaits you if you try to go there, I assure you. Connors and Punters are much better options for Northeastern students, and any of the Boylston St. bars are far superior for anyone else looking for a fun night out. Imagine how your night will go if your IDs are taken. I didn't think mine could be taken either. I'm past legal drinking age and had two real photo IDs that belonged to me. Apparently my eyes looked too green that night. And what a horrible night it turned out to be.

Thanks! ~JA

eeka said...

JA: that totally sucks!

I'd suggest you contact the liquor licensing board at city hall. Look it up on their website and e-mail the chairperson, Nicole Murati Ferrer. Did the police make a report? There should definitely at least be a record in their logs of the incident.