There's at least one reason not to hate Boston Moving Day

Aside from certain areas in town where the entire width of the street is crammed full of illegally parked moving trucks, minivans, pickups, cars, Segways, horses, etc., it's actually easier to park this week than it usually is. When I drove to home visits in various Boston neighborhoods yesterday and today, I had no problem finding a parking spot. Why?

Because of those wonderful NO STANDING PERMITTED MOVING VEHICLES ONLY signs. Since no one around here seems to have any reading comprehension, people pull up, see the sign, and drive away. They don't actually consider the dates and times on them. This morning I saw a completely vacant stretch of about eight parking spots on a block where parking is usually at a premium. I saw drivers pull up, glance at the sign, and leave. The sign clearly stated that there was to be no parking there. No parking tomorrow. Since it's today, I pulled up and parked there. For a session yesterday, I used a spot that was reserved for this past Saturday and Sunday. I'm loving these parking signs. I hope they stay up for a long time.

[Image shamelessly stolen from Link also included in the event that I get google hits for people looking for parking permits. I don't provide them; I just think they're awesome. The Permit Guy can get you one though.]


Suldog said...

That's pretty damn funny.

You know, if you were the nefarious type - which you're not, of course - you could take one (or four) of those signs and save for your personal use at a later date. But, I know you're not that type of a person. Neither am I. I'm just saying it's hypothetically possible.

eeka said...

No, Suldog, of course I'm not! ;o)

Believe me, it crossed my mind. Want some signs?