You know what's even more fun than mussing up the cat's fur where he's licking it?

Putting guacamole on his fur where he's licking!

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Closeup of guacamole on fur.

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Dexter furiously licks the guacamole off.

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Patch of fur that's soaking wet from being licked repeatedly and angrily. Note blurry cat snout swishing back and forth across the violated patch of fur.

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Dexter sits on windowsill glaring at me, after finally figuring out to walk away (albeit only about three feet away) from me after the fifth time I stuck guacamole on his fur.

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About 10 seconds later, Dexter comes up and sits on my lap, purring and nuzzling, demanding petting. He's really never been too bright.

OMG, they make neons for bikes

Now, I'm not sure if the name of the product, The Down Low Glow, is just a literal descriptor of where the light aims, or if guys riding these bikes are looking to sleep with other straight men, but either way, these are awesome. I just hope the Massachusetts law prohibiting undercarriage neons doesn't apply to bikes.*

*As if there were any enforcement of traffic laws or vehicle equipment laws here anyway.

It's funny if you're 12. Or if you're me.

So I did some googling to find the address of the North Shore Arc for something I was doing at work...

Dammit internet, I hate you!

Grr, has nothing to do with free pie.

Place to take compostable yard waste?

So, I already called the city yesterday, and yard waste pickup ended last week. They said I can only take my yard waste to the public works yards on the first Saturday of each month.

If I have to, I may just let the bags sit in my yard until next week, but I'd love to find somewhere to drop them off sooner. Does anyone know of a community composting project or anywhere similar that would take yard waste today or tomorrow?

Two days left to donate to the Walk for Hunger

The 40th annual Walk for Hunger takes place this Sunday, May 4, 2008. It's a 20-mile walk through Boston, Brookline, Newton, Watertown and Cambridge. It's the oldest continually running pledge walk in the country. Last year, the event raised $3.4 million for hungry families.

You can go here to make an easy online donation to me or my team. Or, if you want to help hungry people but don't like me, please go to the Project Bread page and make a general donation. Hungry families thank you!

Amusing fun fact: In Philadelphia, they walk against hunger.