The most compelling reason not to vote for Michael Flaherty

Michael Flaherty has announced on YouTube that he is running for mayor of Boston.

Now, I don't know a whole lot about his background, or his stances on anything, and I only watched the first couple of seconds of his video. But having seen that, there's no way in hell I could possibly vote for the guy.

The white KitchenAid® mixer doesn't go with his decor:

I mean, really, a white appliance with that deep cabinet finish and the dark granite?

He really should have gone with gloss cinnamon:

Or imperial gray:

Or perhaps the brighter metallic chrome:

Or even something a little funky, like persimmon, or boysenberry, or pistachio:

But definitely not the white. That's gotta go.


Ross Levanto said...

This hilarious!

Ross Levanto said...

OOps. Sorry. Ross Levanto here. I live on Beacon Hill and got here via your post on Universal Hub.

RossieGirl said...

Well, some people like to stick to the basics and use only white appliances - is he a "Back to basic values" type?

Or maybe he appreciates classic design, and the white KitchenAid is the classic.

Or maybe it's a symbol of thrift in this economy, do the colored appliances cost more?

adamg said...

I'm not a fan of dark-wood kitchens. Could you show us what his kitchen might look like with a more modern look? Say, some blond wood or even some pastels?

eeka said...

Adam, I hear what you're saying, and I want you to know that here at One Smoot, we give our readers' concerns the utmost respect and consideration. Below, you will find how his kitchen might look in a lighter finish, say, a honey-oak or maybe a cool birch finish:

Also, since you expressed an interest in pastels, have a look at what his kitchen might look like in a nice mint green:

I hope this has been informative.

Jodie said...

Man, I picked up the diet coke right before I clicked on the lighter finish picture. It's a good thing I hadn't taken a sip yet!

Also, it is a good thing I told my moom not to buy me a Kitchen Aid mixer for christmas- I said no because I have no room, but I would not want it to interfere later in life should I have a different decor in the future and I want to run for office.

Then again, I'd insist on one in some shade of purple, which is always cool.