Ladies! Tired of those ill-fitting unstylish men's ear plugs?

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They're perfect for blocking out undainty noises such as nails breaking, high-heel missteps, mascara wands slipping, or teacups clinking. Never again will we have to settle for those huge, cumbersome manly earplugs that just don't cut it when it comes to uniquely feminine noises.


Jodie said...

They definitely don't need to be pink, but the size of the ear canal does actually vary. That's why there's a whole bunch of different sizes of diaphragms for the otoscope when you get your ears check out in a medical office and such. For small people, a smaller ear plug would probably be a better thing (I actually used a pair that were too big earlier this week- they wouldn't stay in my ears!)

eeka said...

But they're not even small! They're on the large end as far as earplugs go. The package doesn't mention anything about size. These are so you look PRETTY while blocking out sound!

There was another brand that came in sizes, and suggested that the smaller ones might be for women/children/people of smaller frame, but that apparently makes too much sense.