How you know we're truly in a recession

Today the guy at the Shell station at Morrissey Blvd and Freeport Street told me, "we've recently had to start charging customers for air."


Martin O'B said...

I'm too lazy to find a cite for this one, but I'm VERY sure that they need to provide air FOR FREE to paying customers (state law). I bet you can find proof of this if you dig through Susan Wornick's old stuff on the WCVB web site.

eeka said...

Eh, it wasn't a big deal. I can hold my breath long enough to pump the gas. ;o)

Adam Gaffin said...

And then after you hold our breath long enough, can you inflate one of your tires?

Shipguy said...


I'm very new to blogging so I was hunting around for some local blogs and stumbled on yours.

I have to tell you that's about the greatest name ever for a blog. And the best part, only the local folks will get it.

Good luck finding your free air.