Go to the state house tomorrow to support transgender equality

Tomorrow 10am to 1pm. Details here.

If you haven't already, take a moment tonight to write to senators and representatives and tell them why it is so important that we pass this.

Remember, it isn't only transpeople this bill helps. As an ally, I feel that the most important reason to support this bill is to make it illegal to deny housing, employment, and other basic rights to people just because they're transgender, but for those who need to be convinced further, remember that this bill really helps everyone. This bill will make it clear that it's discriminatory to require an female employee to dress "more femininely," for instance. Not to mention just the sheer fact that the world becomes a better place any time we eliminate yet another aspect of us/them-ing. Go write e-mails!

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MoonRaven said...

I went.

It turns out (unsurprisingly) that my legislators both supported the bills (it's different numbered bills in the House and Senate) and so I wrote and delivered them thank you notes.

And, in the midst of the rally, the speaker announced that the Vermont legislature overrode the governor's veto--making VT the fourth state in the nation to allow same sex marriage. (With MA being the first...)

People used to ask why I wanted to stay in such a conservative place as New England, rather than living in the forward thinking west coast. They don't ask that anymore.