I just made a really awesome mistake on my tax return

As is the case every year, Molly and I get a sizeable tax refund from the feds and end up owing Massachusetts a few hundred dollars. Being the sensible people that we are, we file the federal returns (yes, returns, plural, because the stupid federal government doesn't recognize our marriage, so we have to file separate federal returns and a joint state one) in January, then wait until the last minute to file the state one.

This year, we got back a good chunk of money from the feds, and I had calculated that we'd owe the state about $1300, which I was saving until April.

I use taxslayer.com to file our federal returns electronically and get our refunds quickly, then in April I add up the figures from taxslayer.com and write them on a mail-in copy of the Massachusetts form (again, since we end up owing, I like to do it the slow way involving a paper copy and a check, which usually takes them about a month to enter and cash). I usually tell taxslayer.com to calculate the Massachusetts returns, so I don't have to think about what to put on which line, but then I leave off some of the state-specific information on the state return so it will come back with an error message and only send off the federal ones.

This year, I left off the health insurance policy number, along with the rest of the Massachusetts-specific questions. I had checked the box that, yes, we had health insurance all year and weren't subject to the penalty for not having it.

Just now, when I went to transfer the figures off of the .pdf from taxslayer.com, I got down to the last few lines of the return and realized it had been penalizing both of us for not having health insurance. So we actually don't owe $1300; we owe $30. Even better is that the $1300 is sitting in the bank waiting to go to the tax people. Now it's going to go to IKEA.

I should make stupid mistakes on my taxes more often.


Molly said...

Just make sure you make them this way and not the other way. Because that would be Vere Bad.

(My captcha word is "sersix", which makes me think of something totally different.)


Is "layer.com" tax ;)