Map of Fort Hill/Highland Park in Roxbury

Since I couldn't find any maps specifically of the Fort Hill/Highland Park neighborhood, I've "made" these maps showing the general area that makes up the neighborhood. They're just screenshots of google maps with some highlighting; feel free to use them or link to them. Also feel free to comment if you think the borders should be in different places than where I've put them.

Zoomed-out map showing proximity to other stuff.

Zoomed-in map so all of the streets are labeled.

Click on either map for a larger copy. When I get some more time, I'll add in some landmarks of cool places on the hill.


Ah-Clem said...

Cool! The best neighborhood in all of Roxbury, possibly all of Boston :-) I call it home. don't forget the important historical sites and markers throughout the neighborhood as well. i look forward to seeing progress.

Bill N1VUX said...

If you want to do more work on your Fort Hill map, you might want to use a Creative Commons licensed open-source basemap. OpenStreetMap allows user edits like wiki and allows user defined rendering, as Lars has done with Topo maps for Mass and as the CycleMap project is doing. Some local groups are even making paper maps.

We expect the next Boston mapping parties to be August 1-2, probably Sunday in the Fenway, Saturday tbd.