I need something that really sucks

The interior of my car has gotten pretty gross, and I'm cheap and lazy, so I want to find a car wash that has really badass self-serve vacuums with amazing suction powers. Anyone have any recommendations? Yelp wasn't helpful.


Adam Gaffin said...

Possibly a bit out of your way (although with you, you never know), but Rojo on Rte. 1 in Norwood has the sort of vacuums you do NOT want to let anywhere near that pile of vital receipts you have in the glove box. They even come with two settings: Regular Suck or SUPERSUCK (well, they don't call them that, but they could).

Anonymous said...

I used a vacuum at the place on Mass. Ave. just past Porter Square to clean out the car for Pesach this past spring and was generally satisfied.

I've never used a vacuum that surprised me by having more suction power than expected. I'd be interested in that for next year.

realsupergirl said...

the best car wash in the Boston area, IMO, is the Somerville No Touch Car Wash over close to Sullivan Square. It's all automated, but it does a better job than any of the other places I've been to, and they have very effective vacuums. http://seeyoushine.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=category.display&category_id=3544