In addition to his poor taste in kitchen appliances, Michael Flaherty also likes to waste money and ignore details

There are two registered voters in our household. Today in our mailbox, there were four of these:

Were some of these misdelivered, you might wonder? Nope:

They're both addressed to me. The address was just entered two different ways into the database. The spousal unit also got two mailings with the same duplication.

When I've volunteered for campaigns, they've had me do such exciting tasks as, well, going through their database and taking out obvious duplicate voters, so as not to waste money/trees/energy on mailings, not annoy households with duplicate phonecalls, and most of all, not make prospective voters think that the candidate is wasteful and can't bother to have humans work for him or her. One of the campaigns even scaled back the database so that each household got one call or mailing.

Apparently Michael Flaherty didn't do any of this.

Or maybe he did, but then his Kitchenaid mixer went crazy and ate the lists.


realsupergirl said...

Just one more reason to vote for Sam Yoon.

Anonymous said...

I can't vote for Sam Yoon because he scheduled a Town Meeting for the morning of Rosh Hashanah. Doesn't he respect us in Brighton?