People, refusing to acknowledge Independence Day doesn't get you cool hippie liberal indie points least from me. Maybe it does from other people; I don't know.

I'm sure most of you can ascertain that I don't agree with a whole hell of a lot of what goes on in this country. But you know what? I also appreciate the freedoms we do have, and I have hope that we'll eventually have the rest of the freedoms we ought to.

While people certainly have the right to go on about how they don't acknowledge this holiday, and I definitely get where they're coming from, I feel like they'd get a lot further by reclaiming the holiday to stand for what they want it do be. (See "freedom to do such things," op cit.) People are going to ask people what their plans are, and if you're truly an activist, it makes much more sense to jump on the opportunity and tell them how you spend the day doing whatever you feel makes this country a better place. You're missing a great opportunity by just saying that you don't acknowledge the holiday. Why not tell your neighbors and coworkers exactly why you prefer to deemphasize celebrating wars and white Christian straight males, and what you like to associate with freedom instead?

(And besides, why pass up an opportunity for barbequeing and blowing things up and drinking beer and eating pie? This day really isn't all that bad! Hell, you could even celebrate the event by blowing up a pie if you wanted. THIS COUNTRY IS JUST THAT FREE DAMMIT.)

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P.D. Gourlais said...

Thanks for this. I, for one, am absolutely moved by the visions of our founding fathers. I am also sad about what happened to the Native Americans.

Still, we are the progeny of those who came before us and I believe we should appreciate their immigrant dreams, whatever they were and have respect for everyone's views, if at all possible.

In my case, my family came here to practice their religion freely. That and I also think that they were lovers of adventure and hard work.

Man, I'm glad I wasn't born in many other countries. This is a pretty good place. :) When I went to China, I was so happy to come back to the good old U.S.A. and breathe pretty fresh blue air.

P.D. Gourlais