Playing around with a vocabulary builder website

I came across this Vocaboly site, which advertises "vocabulary software," when looking for vocabulary games to play (I'm a dork, OK?). The online "vocabulary tests" are somewhat useful, but could use a bit of tweaking. I took the GRE one, and it's a multiple-choice format similar to the GRE, but not of the same quality. Some of the words were extremely simple words that would never show up on the GRE. Others didn't have any options that truly defined the word (I even got so dorky as to check dictionaries to make sure none of them were accepted definitions). All in all, it was a decent review. What drove me crazy about the site though is that they have downloadable vocabulary software with a free trial, including a mode that describes itself as a Star Wars type shooting game. The screenshot looks cool, but I couldn't download the software, because it's only available for Windows. The site doesn't have any version of the games available as embedded flash or anything, which is kind of passé. Actually, the whole idea of stand-alone software for a simple application is kind of outdated; why not just put it online?


Jack said...

If you're looking for free vocab help, please feel free to check out:


Teens teach each other tough vocab through images and video (like SNL type of skits).

The site is a bit off-beat, but I hope you enjoy!

MoonRaven said...

Even better try 'FreeRice' (at ). It has vocabulary building that (at least they claim) feeds the hungry as you do it. How can you lose? (They also offer quizzes on art, math, grammar, chemistry, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and my current favorite--geography. I now know where most of the countries in the world are.)