Watching the esplanade fireworks from our roof with the WBZ soundtrack streaming on iTunes

The Pops was awesome. The stuff interspersed was a little lacking, particularly that bebop version of U2 (which we turned off until it was over). Neil Diamond was pretty awesome, I mean, for Neil Diamond.

The fireworks are awesome. The accompanying music is some of the most craptastic stuff I've ever heard, and I'm not seeing/hearing the "synchronized to the music" that they were talking about.


Jeff F said...

Yo, Jeff F here. I see you on UHub from time to time. Noticed your post re:the fireworks and thought I'd point out that although the fireworks/music sync can be tenuous sometimes, more importantly iTune streams aren't really 'live'. In future you might tune in on the radio. WCRB (95.3) carried the concert, perhaps other stations did too.

eeka said...

It seemed to be decently synched, as in, we saw the flyover approach when they said it was approaching, the 1812 cannons on the stream seemed to be delayed only about half a second from hearing the actual ones, etc.