Announcing the 2009 Smoot Award winner

Did you even know this blog gave out awards? Neither did I. But there's a particular blog that is just so great that it warranted creating an award a few minutes ago, just so I could bestow the honor.

[Drumroll, please]

The winner of the 2009 Smoot Award goes to...

Jim "Suldog" Sullivan, for his relentless commitment to refusing to accept any more blog awards!

Please take a moment to congratulate Jim on his accomplishment over at his blog.


Suldog said...

Very, very funny. You're trying to make a liar out of me (not too hard of a task, I grant you.) I might just have to accept this one and write a whole 'nother post about it.

(Or not. Are the Sox playing tonight?)

Suldog said...

Hey, I just noticed something fascinating over at U-Hub. Your post, giving me an award for my post, posted prior to my post. At least, that's what it says over there. Are you psychic? I'm psycho, if that helps.