Delores Handy word of the day



EM Painter said...

How about "Double-Deew B U R"

"Iiiin the fooorecast...."

Not Whitey Bulger said...

I always had the impression that Delores was trying to sound llke some long-lost school teacher who had impressed her as being "smart" sounding. I'm reminded of the Are You Being Served episodes in which Miss Brahms tries to sound "posh."

Don't get me started on Bob AA-EE-OOHH-kes.

eeka said...

Yes, that's one thought I've had about her; she'll say one word all posh, but then the next one will be muttered and not seem to fit the flow of her sentence. I think she might also be hyper-correcting, since she'll be fronting a couple vowels and then backing the next few; a dialect or speech disorder is fairly consistent in what the person does to the vowels. You don't hear outright SWAPPING of vowels when they lie between the same sort of consonants.

Bob Oakes is from this area, no? Only his name jumps out with that Aussie* accent. Sometimes other words do from time to time. Makes me wonder if his parents were Aussie and he spent minimal time with them? Picked up their pronunciation of the name, but little else?

(Guessing Australia from the one-word sample; maybe someone who's more familiar with Aus/NZ/British Isles accents can jump in here.)

Not Whitey Bulger said...

I thought Bob Oakes was from Canada for some reason.

ericjay said...

I love this recurring feature, but like EM, my favorite (least favorite?) thing to hear DH say is "DYAH-BALL-YOOO B U R."

Also, I always though Bob Oakes sounded like he was from Baltimore.