Home Depot's suggestion algorithms are even more messed up than Amazon's

Home Depot just told me that if I'm interested in expanding spray foam*, I may also be interested in Roundup weed killer. This makes even less sense than when Amazon tells me that people who like Dave Matthews also like pants, or that people who shop for the same obscure sociological study I did also bought some printer ink.

*Which, believe me, I am extremely interested in. So interested that I have considered creating additional gaps in my house just to fill them. So interested that I'm deeply saddened when the can starts to slow down and I know that the poofy expandingy goodness is soon going to end, leaving me begging for just one more PPTTTHHWTTHHWWKK before I have to lay it to rest. So interested that I've thought about creating an internet forum just for extolling the virtues of expanding foam so that it doesn't have to continue to be insulted by being relegated to a few thin threads buried in the back of plumbing or painting forums.


Jodie said...

Don't excessive weeds sometimes cause gaps that need to be filled?

eeka said...

Ooh, I like the way you think. From now on, when I pull a weed, I'm going to SPRAY EXPANDING FOAM IN THE HOLE!

But this still won't make me need roundup. In fact, I'll need it less, because not a fucking thing is going to be able to put roots down once my soil is all full of expanding foam.