Delores Handy word of the day

"Semphony Hall"


Not Whitey Bulger said...

I can't wait until they appoint a new conductor at Symphony Hall. It will be a Delores Handy double word.

eeka said...

Not only that, but then James "I don't want anyone to think I'm Jewish so I pronounce my name" LeVYYNE won't be the conductor.

I love when she does the stock report followed by a sports report and there are like twenty PUONTs within a minute or two. I could die of happiness.

Fischlipps said... be-inducted-into-arkansas-black-hall-of-fame/

What have *you* accomplished in your short & snarky life? Maybe if you concentrate on building something good instead of tearing apart those who've done so, you wouldn't be such a miserable gal.

eeka said...

Clearly nothing.