I could never write a textbook. They usually talk equally about three or four different approaches one might take depending on one's theoretical orientation or whatever. I'd only want to write about the approach that's right.

And I actually hate textbooks full of zealous crap about how there's only one way to do things. So I'd end up writing a really bad textbook.

(And of course this kind of thinking always leads me to get in the endless-thought-loop where I first think that this is why I prefer to read or conduct research rather than be involved with theoretical material most of the time, but then again, there are a lot of things that perfectly rational people including me endorse that aren't proven by sound research, like how it hasn't been particularly proven that psychotherapy of any sort actually works better than anything else, but we certainly have enough narrative accounts that it has been hugely helpful to many people, but this involves variables that are pretty much impossible to quantify, like how the relationship between client and therapist has to be one that works, and all the training in the world can't make that happen when it's not meant to, so then why exactly is it that I prefer there to be solid research backing up claims?)

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Molly on the iPhone said...

The fact that the entire parenthetical comment is a single grammatically correct sentence is one of the reasons I love you so much.