Overheard at Lesley

A group of undergrads talking about how they took the bus to Target in
Somerville, and it's "in this scary ghettoass area" and mentioning how
"we were totally watching each other's backs so we didn't get
murdered." No word on how exactly they accomplished this.


Melissa said...

Seriously though...have you ever been in the area where that Target is? I drove by there last night - kind of lost but not really - and got the feeling that it really is a baaaaad place. Your post caught my eye though has my daughter is a Lesley undergrad. Do you take classes there?

Ron Newman said...

Union Square in Somerville is a 'baaaad place'? Since when?

eeka said...

I'm over there quite a bit; I do continuing ed there and supervise graduate interns.

Yes, I've been to that Target many times. Quite familiar with the area. I'm not sure your bad feeling about the neighborhood magically makes it dangerous. Maybe try talking to some people who live in the area or asking the Somerville PD for some stats?

Steve said...

I live in the area. I agree that it's not "pretty", and the looming, crumbling overpass structure that is the McGrath Highway certainly adds to the feeling of neglect and decrepitude; that, and the odor from the nearby Laidlaw waste transfer facility (actually just a roof over a huge steaming pile of garbage, refreshed daily for your olfactory pleasure).

But that area is actually a vibrant mixed residential/commercial/industrial district, which is also home to the rather large and well-regarded Brickbottom artists community.

And, frankly, a big part of me hopes it stays the way it is -- edgy enough that no one will call it "quaint," and artists & new arrivals will be able to afford to live there. We'll see what the Green Line brings (if they ever actually get around to building it to Somerville).