We have progress. Also, OMG the Flaherty vultures!

I got a call from the head of neighborhood services on Friday. He was very very apologetic, agreed that it was totally inappropriate for National Grid to just block off a neighborhood for two months without notice, and that, yes, the departments issuing the permits should have talked to the transportation folks about suspending street sweeping ticketing when there are so few spaces. He also said that no party who is doing construction can deny anyone access to their own property unless absolutely necessary and with notice personally given to property owner, and agreed with me that it's unacceptable for National Grid to put up a blanket two-month closure of several streets rather than having a specific plan for when certain parts of the street will be unavailable. He's told me to write a letter to the head of the transportation department and to cc: him, and he'll get the ticket and the misinformed detail cop taken care of.

I've also received e-mails and blog comments from Flaherty's people, telling me to contact him and he'll get it taken care of. That's kind of them, but this isn't the first time I've blogged about various city services screwing me over. Is it just a coincidence that he's suddenly doing his job with the election coming up? Don't get me wrong; I actually do plan to vote for him on the premise that it's time for someone new, but good lord.

Hey, Flaherty people who might be reading this: Is there anything you can do about Boston not enforcing noise laws? Or aggressive driving? Or traffic laws at all? Or laws in general unless they involve parking?


Enrique said...

They totally are vultures. I 've done alot of work in the substance abuse community and they have approached old colleagues of mine and offered them lots of "support" if they would get their clients to help them as volunteers.

And at the risk of sounding parenty (just made that word up...) I hope that you give Menino a second thought. He's been a great supporter of the stuff that you are into "Culture, social justice, queer issues, disability rights, arts, Boston, and generally quirky stuff" and I highly doubt that Flaherty could rival Menino's record on any number of progressive issues. It's true that change is good, but sometimes you have to wonder if the devil you know is worse than the one that you don't.

ps- I clicked on a link from UHub to arrive at your post...but it's also the second or third time I've checked it out. Keep it up!

eeka said...

Yeah, Menino does have a decent record on human rights. I don't like that he marches alongside the Southie Homophobic Parade schmoozing with people. What's really frustrating though is how dysfunctional the city administration in general is. I really am not completely sure that Flaherty is going to be a whole lot better; I would have preferred Kevin McCrea or Sam Yoon.

Menino and Flaherty both annoy me in that they seem so geared to people who live in their neighborhoods, which are the ones on the outskirts that are so different from the urban neigborhoods that make up most of Boston. Flaherty's bio even talks about how dedicated he is to "keeping families in Boston" -- clearly his Boston is the rich people who can move from the suburbs-inside-Boston to the suburbs-outside-Boston if the schools aren't doing well, not the people who live wherever they managed to get to the top of the housing list.

One of my biggest hopes was to have a mayor who actually lives in the city part of the city. Not gonna happen this time around.