Because genetic stuff is just so fascinating

I'm playing around with, mostly because it's the least sketchy-seeming of all the genetics websites. I made a profile and put in family history and ethnicity information and whatnot, and it pulled up a report of genetic tests I could seek out to find out more about certain things that my family history and ethnic backgrounds indicate might run in my family. Of course, most of what it pulled up was stuff for which I would have to pay out of pocket to actually get tests run, since it doesn't seem like there's anything serious and/or highly familial that would lead my doctors to think I need any testing for medical purposes. Still, fascinating stuff. When I'm rich, I'm going to do a bunch of recreational genetic testing. I want to do the one that purports to tell what percentage of various ethnicities someone is. There's information on the site about that. Not much on color blindness or HLAB27 though, which do run in my family.


Jodie said...

I love how when you click on one of the online companies that does genetic testing, it gives you the option to "Buy this as a gift." Someone is going to get that for a birthday someday. It's just too awesome to pass up.

eeka said...

Yeah, what?

I can see many of our fellow science geeks appreciating a gift of one of the overview ones, like ethnicity or basic screening for genetic predispositions. But I'm not so sure about, "Merry Christmas. I got you a screening kit for some deletion syndrome!"