Dear Catholic church: Your laws only apply to members

So, Patrick Kennedy is being asked not to take part in communion because he doesn't support outlawing abortion.

That's fine if they want to have laws governing belief systems of members; pretty much all groups have those. But to govern that their members need to force their beliefs on everyone else? Do Muslim politicians now need to pass laws banning the consumption of pork nationwide in order to continue to be Muslims in good standing? Should Jewish politicians be denied high holy days tickets if they fail to pass laws dictating stoning of anyone who doesn't wear a yarmulke?


Jodie said...

I think more stonings need to happen on general principle.

eeka said...

Bob Dylan thinks so too.

ericjay said...

Thanks for making this point. I think it's a perfect way of framing the issue, and I'm disappointed that more people aren't saying it.