Ineffective use of "all set"

I've mostly come to accept the Massholism "all set" with all its
various meanings. But this waiter just came over and asked me "all set
over here?" and I had no idea if he was asking whether I wanted
something else, whether I wanted my plate taken away, or what. The
phrase isn't very useful when it's just by itself without any context,


Robin Abrahams said...

This might clear it up for you (or at least amuse you):

eeka said...

Hee! I think the use of it to mean everything and anything is a New England thing though. It's not used to nearly the extent elsewhere. I've even heard some reallyreallytownies use it to mean that they're not interested in something, as in, someone talking about Ugg boots and a townie saying, "oh, I'm ALL SET with Ugg boots," which I would take to mean that she already has a sufficient amount of them, but in the case of some townies it just means the person is not in need of any at this time.

Also can mean that someone is sick of something or doesn't wish to try it again, as in, "I'm all set with Shakira" or "I'm all set with ice skating." Or not currently interested, as in, "thanks, I'm all set with guys."