Why is there a Longwood Medical Area shuttle from JFK/UMass to LMA?
Does the number 8 bus just not do it for some people?


Robin Abrahams said...

The ways of the LMA shuttle are not our ways. I've been trying to figure the rationale for that thing out for years. And also, whether as a Harvard employee I am *actually* entitled to use it (it's the best way to get from work to shul) or if it's only the nice bus drivers who let me on.

By the way, the captcha I had to type to post this was "eedibat." I thought you would like that word. You should name your next cat that.

eeka said...

I'm going to go with "yes," because it says "students and employees of MASCO organizations." We study at the temple, right?

(But yes, ambiguous as to whether it's all Harvard things or just the medical/health schools.)

Whalehead King said...

I've taken the shuttle in the morning but I've never taken the #8 bus. I've never seen a #8 bus at JFK/UMASS in the morning while the shuttle runs at fairly frequent t, at least when I'm looking for it. The shuttle is usually standing room only. I assume the shuttle relieves the bus of overcrowding of people who don't get off mid-route.

No one has ever asked to see my ID when boarding the shuttle.