Mass Eye and Ear is ridiculous as usual

I've been going to MEEI for routine eye exams (new contacts and glasses), because I have uveitis and see the (awesome) uveitis specialist there, and it's probably better that I see an MD for eye-related stuff. I called just now to make an appointment, and they told me to allow 3-4 hours for the appointment. Uh, no. Then I convinced them to schedule the eye exam and contact lens fitting on different days so I could more or less get to work on time (they have this awful system where you have a scheduled appointment with the ophthalmologist, then go over to the
contact lens department where you don't really have an appointment and have to wait a long time, then back to the ophthalmologist where you wait again). So they said I could do it on two days, and would need to plan on 2.5-3 hours each day. Again, no. Just no. Once you actually
see a provider there, they're all great, but the structure of the place is just way too dysfunctional for me to put up with when I don't absolutely need one of their specialists. I just called and made an appointment at Fenway. They said it shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.

(Also, I'm fairly convinced that MEEI is able to be so unaccommodating because of ableism and the population they serve. Most of the people going to their highly esteemed ophthalmology department are people with multiple medical issues -- largely people who don't work. There
are always a lot of people there being led around by their children or nursing home aides. These people won't complain about how ridiculous it is to take half a day off to get a damn glasses prescription. I really doubt the place would routinely treat people this way if they saw mostly non-marginalized people who would hang up and call somewhere else like I did.)


EEK said...

Sounds like the clinic we take the girls to because it takes the state medical coupons; it's like nothing else I've experienced. We keep having to remind ourselves they're not used to dealing with people like us and we're not used to dealing with places like it.

eeka said...

It might just be that clinic though; in Massachusetts pretty much everywhere has to take MassHealth, but people still tend to go to the clinics that started out taking it before that was how it worked. There are some that are pretty bad in terms of making people wait and being condescending and stuff, but others that are way better than the private ones.