Target thinks all Jewish ritual/home items are for Hanukkah

I just did a search on for Passover, because they surprisingly have some cool seder plates and things. I'm not sure why hanukkiot came up in the "Passover" search, but whatever. But what is really messed up is that most of the Passover items (as well as a freakin mezuzah and a wine goblet) are labeled as "dishware for Hanukkah." I've written some reviews such as this one for a horseradish (maror) container:

Please, stop labeling all of the Jewish items as "hanukkah." This is a ritual item for PASSOVER. Even just "Jewish" and "horseradish" would be sufficient if you don't know what holiday it's for. Or, google "Jewish" and "horseradish," and you'll pretty quickly find that horseradish is used on Passover as a required part of a ritual, and isn't otherwise used in Jewish practice except as a tasty condiment.

I got snarkier and snarkier with each one, hoping that the reviews won't comply to the terms of their happy friendly smiley review guidelines, and then maybe the deleter-peon will have to pass them along to someone who's able to change stuff on the site. Because, uh, what?

Also, a mezuzah isn't dishware. It doesn't even look like dishware. Nor does it look like it's for Hanukkah, but that's beside, wait, no, that IS the point.

Dear goyim: If you're going to randomly guess what holiday something is for, you'll probably want to go with shabbat or Passover. You know, since these are the ones that are observed by just about every Jew, involve lots of items and rituals, and are biblical holidays. Hanukkah is cool and all, but it has dreidels and a hanukkiah and you give presents to kids. That's about it.


Molly said...

Several seder plates, which are specifically labeled as seder plates (and it's not like they're mistakable for anything else) say they're for Hanukkah.

Ah yes, the lesser-known Hanukkah seder, where we spin the dreidl to see who has to eat the horseradish by itself and who will die by beast.

No, wait.

Anonymous said...

You doing Pesach shopping already? Oy.

Well, the holiday is called "Chanukah," meaning "dedication," because the Temple was rededicated, and when you hang your mezuzahs that's a Chanukat Habayit, but, yeah, I'm sure that nuance has nothing to do with Target's categorization. But, oy, as dishware?!

Star has grape juice on the clearance table, they must've stocked up for all that extra grape juice we (grape Jews?) use during Chanukah, ha ha.

Anyway, good job putting snarkiness to good use.