The most compelling reason not to vote for Michael Flaherty

Michael Flaherty has announced on YouTube that he is running for mayor of Boston.

Now, I don't know a whole lot about his background, or his stances on anything, and I only watched the first couple of seconds of his video. But having seen that, there's no way in hell I could possibly vote for the guy.

The white KitchenAid® mixer doesn't go with his decor:

I mean, really, a white appliance with that deep cabinet finish and the dark granite?

He really should have gone with gloss cinnamon:

Or imperial gray:

Or perhaps the brighter metallic chrome:

Or even something a little funky, like persimmon, or boysenberry, or pistachio:

But definitely not the white. That's gotta go.

Operation Tripod: a three-legged kitty needs your help

So, there's this adorable, sweet, three-legged kitty who I just filled out an application to adopt. His mellow temperament would fit in perfectly with our chill kitties, especially Dexter who is eager to take care of any and every kitty he meets. We love the special-needs kitties, and have gotten really good with them.

So far, I'm the only one who has applied to adopt Mr. Tripod. The place that has him was able to approve my application except for one thing:

My other cats don't have up-to-date medical records, since they got their last set of shots for free. The vet who did it works somewhere where the individual vets can choose to do pro bono care, but they don't put it through the medical records system when they don't charge for it.

So, in order to take home tripod-kitty, I need to get up-to-date physical exams and shots for my other kitties. Conveniently, tripod-kitty's current home is closed tomorrow. I'm also off work tomorrow. This means that if I can get the physicals done tomorrow, I can go in when the adoption place opens on Tuesday and have the adoption approved.

Does anyone know a vet who is open on MLK day? And who would like to help me out? Added bonus if it's a vet who'll take non-emergency calls on a Sunday evening. Thanks in advance for helping tripod-kitty to have a wonderful home!

(X-posted, feel free to forward to anyone who might be able to help.)

UPDATE: Fresh Pond Animal Hospital does walk-ins, and I just called and explained why I'm a weirdo who needs physicals for three kitties today, and the person said to bring the kitties in at 3:00 this afternoon. Yay!

UPDATE #2: They've been to the vet, and they all have proof of a recent physical exam. Also, I'm glad I happened to take them in, because Dexter has a badly infected fang that needs to be extracted, and he hadn't bothered to stop eating or yowl at me or anything to let me know. Dexter is now full of antibiotics and buprenorphine and is sitting here purring at nothing in particular. Thank you, tripod kitty, for creating a need for Dexter to go to the vet and get his fang noticed!

Tuesday: I got there right when they opened, vet records in hand. Apparently the person working on Sunday thinks he's fine to be in a home with other animals since he's so mellow, and the person working today thinks he needs to be the only animal in the house so he can get enough attention, so she wouldn't let me have him.

I think my lifelong dream just came true

This story that was on NPR was cool in and of itself.

But that's not why I'm posting it. When I was in seventh grade, a friend and I were talking about how it would be really cool if there were a TV show or movie (fictional or newsish, no matter) that had gay people, but who weren't there because they were gay. As my friend put it, "like, a movie that has gay guys mowing the lawn next door. And that's all there is to it. Or like the news interviewing a lesbian couple about, like, the traffic jams in their neighborhood."

OK, so, granted I don't partake of a whole lot of media, but I really think this is the first time that there've been queer people who just, um, were. I definitely appreciate when queer people are representing in news piece where they get opinions from a handful of people, but in that case it seems like they've purposely picked a diverse group to talk to. This was just like, whoa, hey, a queer person. Yay.

(Oh, this story today was also really amazing and sweet. I'm a sucker for the sappy, what can I say?)