Done dyeing the chair covers

Done dyeing the chair covers!

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So, once it was all done, I think I ended up using 10 packets of chestnut, two of crimson, and four of brown (14 pounds of fabric in the two covers). The result was exactly what I wanted -- warm chocolatey brown, pretty dang overdyed, but still unsaturated enough to have those gradations in the color that give it the natural hand-dyed look.

(Also, the iPhone camera is particularly skilled at showing how I need to wash my floor. It's not that obviously dusty in real life, I swear!)

The couch cushion covers are still in need of several more dye baths. Getting to about the saturation I want, but I think they're too far toward rust. Once they dry, I'll see where they're at and what they need next.


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Julio said...

I think we just the same covers! They were really expensive for just the standard cream-colored ones. My mom ended up returning them, and it was a big hassle.

eeka said...

These are true white. They're $30 for white and $50 for the colors (which are all pretty lame colors). Totally worth it to custom-dye them!