Weekend project number one: Dyeing IKEA chair slipcover and couch cushion covers

Right now I'm dyeing the covers to two IKEA chairs and one IKEA sofa. The chair cover is a Blekinge white EKTORP TULLSTA cover and the sofa is a LILLBERG sofa in birch with Gräsbo white cushion covers.

The dye I'm using is Jacquard iDye in Chestnut. Once I'm happy with them I'll post pics along with dyeing methods and times and stuff.


Anonymous said...

I'm looking at picking up a Lillberg sofa and was wondering what your take on it was.

So far, it's gotten mixed reviews. Did the dye take? Do the cushions hold up? How would you rate it 1-10?

Thank you so much,

eeka said...

Cushion fabric is very sturdy, and has held up very well to three cats over three years. It's the most comfortable couch I've found that cats can't destroy. Very dyeable since it's 100% unbleached cotton.

I'd rate it, uh, 9? Since it's not quite as comfortable as some fully upholstered puffier couches (but which have arms that the cats would destroy).

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that was really helpful.
I'm going take it.