When did UPS start offering 26-day shipping?

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How is this even possible? My item was shipped on December 30 and is scheduled to arrive on January 26?

In the interest of, uh, research, I looked on the UPS website and tried entering some hypothetical package data to see how long a shipment could possibly take.

I first entered the ZIP code for Barrow, Alaska, since that's about as far from Boston as one can get in the U.S. It only gave me one-day and two-day options, but that's not really fair since they don't offer ground service from Alaska.

So I tried a ZIP in southern California, because that's about as far as one can drive in the U.S. (and also because I know the ZIP for Beverly Hills off the top of my head) and the slowest service offered would take four days.

Is my package just driving around the country for a month in a brown truck for fun? I know UPS prefers to have the trucks take creative routes and all, but really.

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puffkitty said...

My special occasion dress had a tour of the country via UPS! It went from the catalog warehouse in the mid-west, arrived in my city (Portland OR), LEFT my city, went to New York, and then came back to Oregon. Then they wouldn't deliver to my home (in time) and I had to pick it up in the far-away industrial district! It was (haha)2-day express shipping that took 2 weeks but they were "sorry". I'll say! Good luck!