City of Boston to send you text alerts when they tow your car. Seriously.

I got this e-mail from the towing people (I'm signed up for the city's thing that e-mails me each week and tells me the street sweeper is coming):

We would like to inform you of five new features recently added to the City of Boston's street-sweeping reminder system:

  1. Earlier reminder options. No-Tow reminders have always been sent at 5pm, which is later than several of you said you leave from work. Now you can get your No-Tow reminders at 7am or 2pm or the default 5pm, whichever you prefer.
  2. Street-occupancy alerts. You know those temporary "no parking" signs that appear in your neighborhood? You can now get alerts for those signs as they go up on your street. Alerts are sent the day before street occupancy permits go into effect, and are conveniently included in the same email as your street sweeping reminders. To register, visit the street occupancy lookup and enter your street-name to get started.
  3. Towing alerts. For when your car actually does get towed, you can now search for the car's location online, or be notified of the tow by registering for Towing Alerts from with your email address and license plates.
  4. Year-round reminders. While morning and afternoon sweeping won't get you a parking ticket in the wintertime, nighttime sweeping will. No-tow reminders are now sent year-round to keep you alerted of overnight parking restrictions whenever they are in effect.
  5. Improved lookup. The street-sweeping lookup at now lists upcoming-dates when streets are next scheduled for sweeping, to help with the mental feat of predicting when exactly is the 3rd Wednesday or 4th Tuesday when you'll next have to move your car.
Awesome! Now the city will text TXT you when they tow your car. Nice of them.

Hmm, and it seems the e-mail reminders will serve as handy evidence next time someone slaps up street closure signs on the same day the closure is effective. I'm talking about you, National Goddamed Grid!


Anonymous said...

The street occupancy alert seems like a really good idea, but it doesn't seem to work if you have a non- Microsoft Internet Explorer browswer. I just get a bunch of pulldowns that I can't use.

eeka said...

I'm guessing it might only work if appropriate (paper) forms are filled out and a fee is paid to three different city departments (they don't take credit cards, and they're only open on Thursdays) and you have a detail cop stand and watch as you register for the service.