Our very own Morrissey Blvd Stop and Shop is immortalized on Cake Wrecks

Molly and I are big fans of Cake Wrecks. Every time we look at it though, we wonder where people find messed-up cakes at bakeries, because we never see anything like this anywhere around here. A couple weeks ago though, we went into the Stop and Shop and were greeted by a series of "Patroits" cakes, big giant cakes, and cupcakes. Also giant disturbing balloons, but we didn't photograph and/or submit those, since they aren't messed-up cakes. Cake Wrecks included her photo today in this post. Yay!


adamg said...

But did she have her cake and eat it, too?

Today's Metro had a story-ette about part of Centre Street in West Roxbury, and mentioned how you can get pizza at Denois - I didn't realize there was a French pizzerie there.

Suldog said...

Congratulations, Molly!

(Or, should that be "Congratulatoins"?)