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El Triunfo

Last weekend we ordered from El Triunfo, that little Salvadorian place in the South End that also does Tex-Mex (with a fantastic Salvadorian twist to it). The order came quickly (about 30 minutes) and everything was hot and the order was accurate. I like that their page even says that they're a small family-owned place, so to please bear with them in terms of orders taking a bit of time. Nevertheless, it got here faster than pretty much anywhere we've ordered from, with the exception of AK's, which is only a few blocks away.

The enchiladas aren't what one would expect; they're a crispy corn tortilla with toppings on top, garnished with lettuce and such. Very tasty, but more what one would think of as a tostada or similar. Also, absolutely huge and bursting with a variety of ingredients for $2.75; I was expecting that for this price, I would get one rolled-up corn tortilla with beans and veggies in it and covered in enchilada sauce. (I never expect enchiladas to be actually slow-baked except in my own kitchen and at a few of the Mexican family restaurant sort of places). I was pleasantly surprised to find basically a whole meal on top of a tortilla.

The nachos are amazing. Perfect topping-to-chip ratio, and fabulous sauces and seasonings. This was true of everything actually -- as soon as we opened up the bag, we were greeted by that lovely smoky and slightly spicy Central American food aroma.

Molly got a bean taco and a grilled veggie quesadilla, both of which I tried. Again, everything had that distinctive homemade Central American flavor, yet managed to not all taste the same. Everything had plenty of fresh veggies, smoky peppers, slightly oily peppers, and various spices. The grilled veggie quesadilla and grilled veggie enchilada were made with peppers, onions, and summer squash, all of which are fabulous when grilled with Salvadorian seasonings. People who've read my previous restaurant posts know how much it pisses me off when "vegetable" things at Latin American places have stuff like cauliflower and carrots in them -- these things just do not belong in fajitas or quesadillas. I mean, I'm all about the fusion, and enjoy things like portabellos or butternut squash in cuisine where one might not ordinarily find them, but fajitaed cauliflower is just wrong.

Lilly's Gourmet Pasta

Lilly's is in Allston and recently started delivering to Roxbury -- possibly because another Lilly's is under construction in the Bury and they're trying to get us hooked before it opens? I'm ordinarily not big on ordering pasta from restaurants (actual authentic Italian places excluded, of course), because this usually amounts to paying $15 for penne and red sauce, which I could make at home for about a dollar. If I'm at a place with a large typical American food menu, I'm more likely to order a salad or pizza or something that involves way more fresh ingredients than anything I'd likely make at home for two people.

That being said, Lilly's is all handmade pasta and sauces, and it tastes like it. Last night we each got a ravioli dish, because OMG ravioli, but the sauces and pasta were so awesome that I'm sure their plain pasta with red sauce would also be amazing and unlike anything I could make at home. My favorite thing about the menu is that everything is customizable; you pick a pasta, then pick a sauce, then choose from several dozen items you want to add to it (various cheeses, veggies, sundried tomatoes, etc.)

I got spinach ravioli with vodka sauce and Molly got butternut squash ravioli with alfredo sauce. Both were amazing. They were good-sized portions too. The salad was cheap and huge and awesome. The pesto bread must have had crack in it or something, because OMG. Right now I'm tempted to order up some of it just for snacking purposes. The minimum order for delivery is $15, but I don't think I'd have any problem eating four or five orders of the stuff, because as I said, it's got crack in it.

Also, on the subject of getting salads from restaurants, Molly mentioned that menus no longer call it "tossed salad," but rather "green salad" or "house salad." (If you're not sure why the older term might have gone out of vogue for referring to actual salad, consult or your friendly local teenage boy of any age and gender). I said I wondered if teabags are soon going to be called "tea infusement satchels" or something, but she told me not to hold my breath. And if I did, not to forget the safeword. OK, she didn't say that last part.

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