Brookline WTF

What the hell are those lines in the road on Longwood Ave headed west from the Riverway toward Trader Joe's?

[Artist's rendering. Thanks,]


ericjay said...

They're a shared bike lane.

Paul Levy asked about them in his blog a few months back, and got some comments, including this one from Professor Peter Furth, a transportation systems engineer at Northeastern, explaining the rationale in detail.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered that myself. They showed up sometime this fall I believe.

Jonas Prang said...

I'm guessing it's an indication of where motorists should expect to see bicyclists.

That stretch of Longwood is heavily traveled by bicycle commuters to the LMA.

Having those lines 'out in the middle of the road' position the bicyclists far enough away from the parking lane so they can't be doored by witless automobile drivers.

fenwayguy said...

You found that at WTF indeed?

eeka said...

Haha. No, I made it at

So, basically, these are indicating that the lane of travel is as much of a bike lane as...every other street?