BPDnews.com perhaps a little too objective?

I appreciate that BPDnews reports on calls that aren't crimes per se,
such as this incident of a truck backing into a pedestrian: http://www.bpdnews.com/2010/05/06/daily-incidents-for-thursday-may-6-2010

(will make real link when not on iPhone)

But they leave out even the slightest hint of fault here. Since a
pedestrian was stepping behind a parked car, I'm nearly certain that
either a) the pedestrian wasn't in a crosswalk or b) the truck was
parked too close to the crosswalk if he was in one, and entered it
without a full scan across it. But there's no mention that either
party was breaking the law (and ignoring basic safety guidelines in
either case) -- they make it sound like just some freak accident.

And really? They couldn't bother with even a quick "BPD reminds
pedestrians never to walk out between parked cars" warning? Or, if the
case, "BPD reminds drivers to notice crosswalks." They've included
other such "duh" reminders, like the frequent mentions that people in
West Roxbury should lock their doors or that people shouldn't leave
phones and GPSs sitting out in cars.


Jake said...

They report -- You decide!

(Seriously, though, from a media relations standpoint, sometimes a spokesperson just wants to get the known facts out there to answer/preempt questions while the investigation or interviews are ongoing.)

eeka said...

Yeah, but wouldn't it be a pretty concrete fact that the person was or wasn't in a crosswalk? They report on grayer things than that all the time.

Iseut said...

And it's unbelievable how many people (it happened in our very own n'hood on Highland St) will leave a GPS and a laptop on the front seat of a car and then squawk when the car window gets bashed and said items lifted.

We all have Duh moments. BPD is covering their DUH!

massmarrier said...

My horse (or cycle) I ride regularly is that accident one. To hear Boston cops tell it, everything is an accident to be forgotten or at worst handled by insurance companies -- no paperwork, thank you very much. Doing their jobs and enforcing safety-based laws is soooo much trouble.

eeka said...

Massmarrier, that's why I didn't use the word. My dad worked at an insurance company for 30 years. ;-)