I think I just got accused of recruiting

I was sitting in my car waiting for someone on a side street near
Grove Hall when a man said to me, "you gotta advertise there with your
lesbian sticker on your car? Most of us, we just show what country we
are from, you know? [Pointed to his Jamaica sticker]. What if people's
children see that?" Not exactly sure what he was getting at, and being
in favor of friendly discourse when feasible, I shrugged and said,
"hey, people are people, you know? You and I and everyone else should
all be proud of who we are." The guy said, "OK, fine, but what if
people see the lesbian sticker and pretty soon everyone want to be
that?" then shook his head and got in his car and took off.


Rachel said...

I think we only get the toaster for a successful recruit, alas. Maybe half a toaster. (Yeesh.)

Anonymous said...

Why can't people be more accepting? Oh well, like you said people will be people, just too bad they can't be nicer.

Eve said...

What I want to know is, what's a lesbian sticker? Cause if you had a rainbow flag, that's supposed to just mean "diversity" and that makes his comment all the more ironic and sad. But if you had a pink triangle, that actually means (originally) you were a gay man during WW II.

What's the official "lesbian symbol," anyway? The fact that I don't know this probably explains a lot about my early dating life.

eeka said...

It's a rainbow sticker, but wikipedia thinks they're specifically gay: