My two cents as to why paper bags are better than plastic bags

There's debate as to which is better, since plastic take less energy to make and recycle.

  • plastic bags are also made at least in part out of nonrenewable resources
  • they hold much less so a bag-for-bag comparison doesn't really work
  • they kill sea life
  • the ones that don't get into a recycling place won't biodegrade
  • they end up in trees
Also, paper bags are, um, just regular brown paper, so they're usable around the house. They can be recycled without any energy use by using them for:
  • wrapping packages or presents
  • lining drawers
  • making cards and crafts
  • sewing patterns
  • sorting/storing household items


Mr Punch said...

I use paper bags to contain newspapers, etc., for recycling. Plastic bags are pretty much useless.

Eve said...

But I like plastic bags better for garbage. Esp cat litter.
Whereas, we have like six bajillion paper bags; we can never use them all.

Target plastic bags are the best, IMO. Haven't bought garbage bags in years cause they're so great.

Diana said...

Plastic bags are great when you're walking your dog (you DO clean up after your dog, don't you?).

My paper recycling needs to go into paper bags for pickup. And if I don't need them for that I can put them in the compost bin.

My choice? I carry cloth bags that I've gotten at a variety of conferences, giveaways from the grocery store or whatever. And small items I'll stick in my purse.

If I don't have my bags with me I'll choose paper due to the fact that those plastic bags seem to end up as non-biodegradable litter both locally and in the great Pacific Trash Dump.

eeka said...

I don't have a dog.

Melissa said...

I still prefer plastic over paper because (1) paper bags are very hard for me to carry, and (2) I'm more likely to reuse plastic bags for various reasons. Reusable cloth is also good, but I don't even have a choice when I shop using Peapod -- they only use plastic.