Seriously, where is Amazon finding these shipping services?

to [eeka]
date Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 9:40 AM
subject Your order of "Epson T0601(2x)/T0602/T060..." has shipped!

...shipped the following item(s) in your order
104-2090303-7729806, placed on August 05, 2010.

Delivery Estimate: August 27, 2010

This shipment was sent to:


This shipment will be delivered by USPS.

I looked on the USPS website, and I can't find any 21-day shipping methods. Not only that, but for the shipping I paid ($4.99), it should be here in two days from anywhere in the U.S.

Yeah, I know it's all just a big ploy to make people think they need the two-day shipping if they want their stuff in any sort of remotely timely manner, but still. WTF people?!

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Diana said...

I have discovered that SOME web sites list these ridiculously long times till delivery. Some places you'll get it just as fast with regular delivery. Other site don't SHIP it until nearer the ridiculously long delivery time. You're not paying for shipping. You're paying for how soon it gets shipped.

It's all a scam.