AK's Takeout and Delivery on Tremont St in Roxbury has just lost any future business from me

For the past four years or so, AK's has been our standby place to order pizza from. I'm never ordering anything from them again though.

Tonight, I placed an order from AK's through Foodler. It went through at 7:32 p.m. At 8:24, I called AK's to see where it was, and I got no answer. At 8:27, called again, no answer. Looked in my bank account and noticed I'd been charged for the order.

At 8:34, after we'd decided to head down there and get it ourselves, someone called me from there, saying the power had gone out but was back on. They said they'd make it right then and it would be here in 30 minutes. I figured I'd get some good free stuff out of the deal, so I said this would be fine.

At 9:15, someone called from AK's and said it would be another 15 minutes. I reluctantly said this was OK.

At 10:04, it wasn't here, so I called AK's. No answer. I called back the cell phone number from which someone had called at 9:15. She was on her way home and said the power went back out and someone was supposed to have called me. I told her no one had. She said to call tomorrow at 11 a.m. and someone would send it for free. I told her I'd be at work at 11 a.m. tomorrow, and I didn't want it tomorrow, which was why I had ordered it an hour and a half ago. She finally agreed to have the manager call me.

At 10:11, no manager had called. I called back the first cell phone number, did get someone who sounded like the manager. I said I was trying to reach AK's. He said "AK's is closed." I told him I'd placed an order at 7:32 and it wasn't there, and someone had called at 9:15 and said it would be 15 minutes. He told me that they were closed because the power went out. He didn't apologize at all that I'd been told 15 minutes and wasn't called back when the power went back out. He finally agreed that he'd credit my card back within two days. I asked about the other AK's location, and he told me, "we have another one, but it's not in Boston -- it's in Southie." I decided to forgo the geography lesson and asked why they hadn't delivered it from the other location then, or, you know, called. Or brought me pizza from somewhere else. Or refunded my money yet. He said he couldn't help me and to let them know if my card wasn't credited within two days. He said he'd have the owner call me right away as well.

I'm also going to send this to Foodler to see if they'll drop AK's from their restaurants. I understand that stuff happens, and it's just a pizza, but really, they could have called to let me know it wasn't coming, and really, they can't have their other location 15 minutes away bring me my order? Also, they weren't the least bit apologetic. Now I'm pissed off and I'm hungry, and I could have ordered from somewhere else hours ago. This does not make me happy.

ETA: The owner called me at about 10:45. He said "it wasn't our fault; the power was out" and kept rationalizing why they hadn't called me, refunded me, gotten me pizza from somewhere else. He also told me he'd be happy to have the pizza show up tomorrow.

Foodler called me about five minutes later -- 10 minutes after I sent my e-mail. He said Foodler would credit my card right away and would let their management team know that AK's had been unresponsive and hadn't handled this well. See, because Foodler is a decent business.


Anonymous said...

I've never really had a problem with AK's. Sorry you had this experience, but under normal operation they're pretty responsive. You may also have gotten better service had you ordered directly through their website instead of another service.

eeka said...

Yeah, we've had very few problems up until this.

If they're going to use foodler, they should treat foodler orders exactly the same. Otherwise, they can choose not to use foodler. Why should it be ok to care less about orders from foodler?

jasbir said...

Hello i am owner of aks i m realy sorry about that no budy notify to me about that thanks you to put this in my notice on that day we have power outage in whole block so we close resturant at 8 pm we notify foodler about that if thay did not give you cradit just call me my cell no is 617 755 0269 i can make you next meal on house means free
thank you
Jasbir Saini

eeka said...

Hi Jasbir, thanks for that. I thought the person I talked to was the owner? I'll be in touch...

eeka said...

It still doesn't really explain why someone called me at 9:15 and said the power was back on and my pizza would be ready soon. That's definitely not Foodler's fault.