Do not taunt happy fun mayor's office

The mayor's hotline website says to use the phone number rather than the website if one wants to complain anonymously. I called to tell them my recycling didn't get picked up, told him the address, and the dude said I'd have to leave my name, address, and phone number. I told him I'd rather not, and he said they needed that info to open the ticket. I said I'd call sanitation in the morning and thanked him and hung up.

About two milliseconds later, this e-mail showed up:

Dear Constituent, 
Thank you for contacting the Mayor's Hotline about a missed trash or recycling collection. Your service request, opened on 9/13/10 at 9:07 PM, is case number 101000179683. 
Our Public Works Department collects most missed trash or recycling within two business days. In the event the materials are unacceptable for collection you will receive an email stating the reason why materials were not collected.
If you have any questions about the case, please contact the Mayor's Hotline at (617) 635-4500. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer any questions or handle any City service issues you may have.
You can also track the status of your request online by going to the following site: Just enter the case number and the email you used to submit this request. 
Mayor's Hotline Staff

Um? Sure, I know they have my e-mail address because I pay my property taxes through the website, but what are they doing cross-referencing it and e-mailing me about the complaint they wouldn't actually allow me to make? Also, it's a three-family house, and I didn't tell them which unit I was. What if they had had someone else's e-mail in my building? I don't want them e-mailing my neighbors about calls I make. I don't even want them e-mailing me when I haven't given them permission to do so. WTF, mayor's office?


Anonymous said...

You should call and complain!

Bill said...

I've had the same experience and asked myself the same question. I wondered to myself if I'd ever given them my e-mail in a prior call, to facilitate feedback on my issue, and whether the computer stored that. If your call was your first ever, that's spooky.

Rebecca said...

Since you called them, they probably have caller ID to look you up, find your email attached to account, and send you an email confirmation. They guy you spoke to on the phone probably also needs to account for all his time, log all calls, so he was sort of doing his job... though probably a little too good...