Homophobia on Apartment Therapy

There's a baker-blogger who often gets linked to on Apartment Therapy. I'm not going to mention any specific names or keywords so as not to inadvertently help her google ranking or anything, but this person bakes semi-professionally and makes some cute stuff. The baking site is also a subdomain of a conservative Christian "mommy blog" by the same author.

At one point early this year, Apartment Therapy featured a blog post about something this person had cooked. I clicked through shortly after it was posted. I did notice that it was part of a conservative Christian blog, but the post itself was fine and was cute, so no big deal. A few days later when I went to show it to someone, I noticed that the poster had changed the linked post on her blog so that Apartment Therapy was now linking to a post promoting homophobia. The blogger in question writes in a professional and organized manner, so it isn't like the post now screams "hate speech" in the way that a certain church in Kansas does, and it does still mention the cooking project, but the content of the post is now clearly about promoting homophobia with the cooking project loosely tied in.

I wrote to Apartment Therapy to mention this, and never received a reply. Their site still links to the now-altered post.

Last week, Apartment Therapy posted something else by this blogger. She has slightly rebranded herself, and her names aren't that distinct anyway, so I didn't recognize it. I clicked through and was immediately aggravated, since it was 1) this same blogger, and 2) the post about a cake was full of links to her other personal blog, full of homophobia and other right-wing rhetoric. (Not sure whether the post originally contained all these blatant links; I couldn't find an earlier version.) I mentioned this in the comments. Various people replied, some stating that this was hijacking etc. (which, I suppose it technically is, but really, I don't feel bad about starting civil off-topic-to-some-people discourse in response to attacks on my family's human rights), and others agreeing that this blogger's post-changing behavior and political commentary are offensive. The original blogger also replied, stating that the baking blog and the political blog are totally separate websites (bullshit).

I also e-mailed Apartment Therapy again, telling them that I like the site and view it as something that is safe and respectful for my family to view, explaining again which specific post the blogger has changed to be a blatant endorsement of homophobia with Apartment Therapy linking directly to it. No reply, of course, but they did take the comments down and disable comments on the cake post while leaving the cake post up and linked to this right-wing website. Seriously?!

In case anyone's curious, here's the cached version of the post.

If this blogger didn't appear to make substantial money off of blog ads, I'd suggest we all go over there and leave polite-but-really-queer comments on her site. "Hi, I love this cake! I made it for National Coming Out Day!" "Ooh, these cupcakes would be so cute to take over to my Daddy and Papa's house for their anniversary!" I don't think we (or Apartment Therapy) should give her the traffic though.


Anonymous said...

Hi eeka --- OK, so I didn't do a full search, but I poked around the site in question, and, while I did find her lowbrow take on Christianity to be kind of tiresome, I didn't see any particular homophobia or right-wing diatribe.

eeka said...

She changed the post back again after I called her out on the bait-and-switch in a thread comment on AT. So it now links to a post just on pancakes. The post it was linking to was about how gays have taken over rainbows, which used to be a Christian symbol (uh, Noah was a Jew), and about how some bakery refused to make rainbow cupcakes for a Pride event, saying they couldn't let children be exposed to such a thing or whatever, and she totally supports this and wishes more people would be equally homophobic.

eeka said...

And no, she's not one of the scary militant right-wingers, but I think the kind who write somewhat logically and seem to have some personality are more dangerous. You know, the kind of people who politely and sensibly convince schools and civic leaders that respecting and acknowledging our families somehow harms their families.