Put your mfing hands up and follow me

Awesome license plate spotted on Columbus Ave this evening. Not quite
cool enough for 8 mile? Try 7 mile! And I love that it's a Michigan

(And before anyone says anything, my passenger snapped the picture
while I was driving. However, based on the text of our lovely new law,
it seems that it's fine to use an SLR film camera while driving, but
not one that's part of an electronic device.)


Anonymous said...


The NRSV/RSV translation of the Greek "sixty stadia" in Luke 24:13 has 7 miles. It's a little obscure; but, your license plate may be an allusion to the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus where the two disciples' eyes were opened to see the resurrected Jesus.

There is a Seven Mile Road in Malden and a group of male gospel singers called 7 Mile Road.

No doubt this is not what you were expecting in your comments, so I'll stick around a bit longer to say how pleased I am that you let I Am Baker have it for her bait-and-switch homophobic posts. OBTW, she has now deleted and disabled the comments for that post.


tGSC said...

Oops. Make that "There is a Seven Mile Road Church in Malden...."

eeka said...

Thanks so much for the explanation. That's really cool. But it's possible that it could be an Eminem reference too, right? ;-)